Automation and Robotics



Agriculture is on the cusp of a revolution in robotics and automation. Increased computing power and speed, shrinking sensor size, increased sensor resolution and sensitivity, along with software developments in machine learning has brought this development from the future to the present.

UGA has robotics and automation programs in the Athens and Tifton campus. Dr. Charlie Li  is working on multiple projects to provide robotic ground and aerial phenotyping solutions that will increase and improve plant genetics to meet the needs of future food and fiber development. Dr. Glen Rains is developing small multi-purpose robotic platform to use in peanuts, cotton, vegetables and other crops. These small rovers will be used in teams and can be scaled by their numbers to the size of operation.  The current research is focused on weed management solutions, cotton harvesting, planting and scouting operations.

Testing arobotic cotton picker.
Autonomous peanut scout.
Re-plant testing of peanuts.